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Enthusiasm, expertise, and a sound scientific research

Finding the right training & coaching for yourself and your colleagues might be a challenge. You want the most recent know-how to be served, and you expect to be able to put into practice the results immediately. You deserve to receive only the tips having proved their value in daily practice, and whose efficiency has scientifically been shown.  This is why Progress in Mind selects trainers, being specialists in their disciplines. Experienced people with the adequate background.  We thoroughly invest in training and research. We connect your talents to the enthusiasm of our coaches and the latest scientific findings to make your training a success.

Can it be something more

80% of the things you’re doing, you’re probably doing very well. If not, your company certainly would have looked for someone else to do your job. During a training we want to find out as quick as possible what goes smoothly. Then we can directly start searching for and focussing on the improvable 20%.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.
~ Abraham Lincoln

No standard treatment. Every participant is different. You have your own approach, your own convictions. If you are asked to act against your own beliefs, you will build up stress. This stress will make it hard to function efficiently.

Therefore, no standard answers in a Progress in Mind training. Translating all the tips into a style, matching yours, is the challenge of our coaches.

So it certainly is possible that you’ll come back from the same training as your colleague with other tips. This is ok: there are different ways to communicate successfully. We will be looking for the approach that fits you best. So every training constantly works on two levels: which mindset fits you best? What behaviour has the wanted effect?

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